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Dear Patients, We regret to inform you that our clinical system, EMIS, is currently experiencing technical difficulties due to a global IT outage. This system is crucial for managing appointments, accessing medical records, and processing prescriptions, so this interruption may affect our ability to provide timely and efficient care. We have limited access to your

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Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations

Seasonal Influenza Vaccinations 2023-2024

We would like to inform you of our flu vaccination plans for this year.

We offer seasonal influenza vaccinations to all our patients who are over 65 or who fall into certain at-risk groups. We also offer child seasonal influenza vaccinations to certain categories of children. Patients who fall into these categories should attend one of our dedicated flu sessions to receive the vaccination.

Clinics will begin from (Date to be announced) .You will be sent a text with an allocated clinic date and time beforehand, and we would be most grateful if you could attend that clinic date and time only. We will be running our flu clinics in the Red House car park under gazebos, as being outside significantly reduces the risk of Covid transmission.

Please note: There will be a separate clinic for Children who will be invited in due course.

Please do not attend if you have any symptoms indicating possible Covid infection.

It would be helpful if you can wear a short-sleeved top. However, bearing in mind typical British weather, you may need a jacket over the top. You will be directed to an admin area to log your details on the system. Once your details have been logged on the system you will be directed to the clinician administering the vaccine. You will then be given your vaccine and directed to the exit lane.

A huge amount of work has gone into trying to make this year’s flu clinics as efficient and safe as possible so that we can vaccinate as many of our eligible patients within the shortest possible time to protect you from flu infection.

We would be most grateful for your help and support at this time. Please do not call the surgery for your appointment.