Dear Local residents and patients.

Recent posts about members of our team have been both hurtful and detrimental and we ask that if you have a concern over your care, you address it directly with ourselves rather than in a public forum. Please see our complaints policy.  Our staff are working very hard and are doing a brilliant job in an

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Phlebotomy Clinics

In response to the increasing demand of blood tests on GP Surgeries, we are only able to provide a phlebotomy service at the surgery for urgent blood tests or for our elderly population.

If your GP refers you for a blood test, you will need to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT at one of these clinics to have your blood taken.  If your GP has given you a blood test form, please remember to bring this along to your appointment.  Click on the link below for more information

Blood tests: Pathology: West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (

Depending on the test required, you may be asked to fast for a period of time before your blood is taken.  If you are asked this, it is important to fast as requested, otherwise the results will not be valid and you may need to repeat the test.

Appointments for blood tests MUST have been requested by your doctor or other health care professional.

Further information about blood tests from NHS UK.